Buyers & Sellers:
Are you facing foreclosure? Do you know the current status of you home? Are you curious about how your neighborhood stacks up in the foreclosure market? Sign up here for free and be in the know so you can make the most informed decisions when it comes to your home or a prospective one.

Agents, Realtors & Property Managers:
Here at you can have all the necessary tools that most companies do not provide in one place. No longer will you be the agent that struggles because of foreclosure. Develop the skills and get access to the most current and up to date information needed to be successful in the foreclosure market. Most importantly never again miss an opportunity to grow your business, and dominate the industry.

Here's how we can help you:
1.Be in the Know - Represent your clients properly and become the person they trust when it comes to understanding the foreclosure process. Know exactly when a home is going to Auction so you and your clients are informed, never lose a listing again.

2. Know the Status - Be more effective and work smarter, always know the status of every property when representing buyers and sellers.

3.Identify New Inventory - Have that competitive edge by knowing all properties that have been sold back to the bank at the Trustee Sale, this creates a whole new avenue of obtaining inventory.

4. No Longer Loose your Investors will able to provide you with
postponements, third party sales and opening bid updates. This way you can spend more time with your client. Let us make sure your clients will never miss the opportunity for a deal again.

This is the only place where you can get the most accurate up to date information concerning the foreclosure market. With our software you can spend less time compiling data from multiple source, spend less time analyzing the data, and you will no longer have to drive the various properties. We provide all three of these features in one simple click. Here are some other features that will maximize your investment process:

1.Market Integration - Our system integrates auction and current market condition to give you a full comprehensive understanding of the status of the property and it's condition.

2.Inspector Reports - Our drivers have already done all the work for you and have taken pictures of ALL properties going to sale.

3.Automated Postponements, Cancellations, Opening Bids - No longer need multiple windows and softwares to track properties, will do it for you. We provide you with live updates as they occur on the county court steps. You will work faster and smarter with which as we all know time is money.